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Where are you located, Do you have a photo studio and what areas do you service?

I am based in Sacramento California but travel frequently to Southern California, as well as abroad. I have a small photo studio suitable for headshots and baby portraits, but mainly shoot outdoors with natural light. I can accommodate your personal preferred location also. Costs may vary.

What type of photographer are you?

I am a portrait photographer, meaning I specialize in photographing people. This is a broad spectrum of many types of photos from family portraits, to professional photos, to modeling, maternity, kids, engagement, and weddings. I am not limited to just portraits, I also specialize in product, and life style which is endless in genres from real-estate to corporate photos. 

Do you charge for travel?

I do not charge for travel if its local to California for certain packages, but yes I do charge for travel outside of California and abroad.

How do I schedule a portrait session?

Please email us from the contact page and someone will reply within 24hrs. Please specify if you prefer a call back by providing  your phone number in the comment section.

What is your retainer/deposit fee?

$100 is the base fee for all photo sessions. Deposit prices increase based on event or wedding packages. Packages start at $150. My prices are not listed, but you can request a price sheet via text or email.

When and how do I pay?

A deposit is due upon booking. If you request an appoint and do not pay your deposit, your appointment is not confirmed and will be forfeited to the next paying client. Full remaining payment is due on the day of your appointment.  Credit card payment is available via paypal. We also accept Venmo and Cashapp as the preferred vendors but traditional cash is also accepted.

How do I receive the images/pictures?

We provide a private dropbox link to your email. We also send you a courtesy mobile link so you can view all the photos directly from your cell phone. A Flash-drive (USB) can also be purchased at an additional cost.

What happens if a photographer gets sick, or we need to reschedule?

Deposit is non refundable , but your payment & credit voucher will be valid if appointment is canceled within 48hrs & rescheduled within 60 days of your original appt date. In the incident that the photographer is sick or cannot make it to a major event like a wedding, prior arrangements will be made to provide an alternate photographer & funds paid will be returned for forwarded to new photographer.

How many hours of photography are included in your portrait packages?

Each portrait package offers a different amount of time. All photo sessions are based by the hour and not by quantity . However with that said, the more people or items you have, the more time you will need to get the best photos.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a digital camera & have the capabilities to do photography and film (Videos). I also have a drone for Arial views. We outsource for various projects depending on need.

Do you shoot in Black and White, Color or both?

I shoot in full digital color. Anything altered to a photograph such as a black & white filter, or painted colors is added afterwards (post editing). This is true for probably 95% of digital photographers.

Will my pictures have a Matte or Glossy finish?

I don’t provide prints for standard sessions, only for wedding packages. The photo finishes will be based on your preference. We can provide anything you need!

Do I get the negatives and have rights to print pictures?

You have full rights to all your photos & may print freely.  I provide a release form upon request. These are your photos, your memories, so you should be able to do anything and everything you want with them! That is our policy.

Do I need to supply any props?

Yes. We do not provide props or special set up for standard photo sessions unless discussed privately & negotiated at additional cost for the resources provided. But anything you want is possible, you just have to ask and be prepared with a reasonable realistic budget.

Do you provide wardrobe or make up?

We can provide any service at an additional cost, and outsource these services from our favorite local vendors. I do not personally provide these services unless indicated on the price sheet.

What if I don’t like my photos?

Everyone should be happy with their photos. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily reschedule your session to try again. 

When will I get my prints and proofs?

We provide a link to your photos within 72 hours of your appointment date.  Your special edits will take another few days to weeks depending on the package you chose.

Can I order a memory stick, USB, or flash drive of all my photos because I don’t know how to use the computer?

Sure no problem! We know that not everyone is into technology, so we want to make sure your photos are available to you. You may purchase a USB of all your photos for $40. This includes USB + Shipping. If you would like two copies on two USB for extra safe keeping, its $60.